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Can A Traumatic Birth Be The Cause Of Some of My Child’s Health Issues?

Bryan Asby


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April 10, 2017

Pregnancy and birth are two of the most beautiful and miraculous events any woman will encounter.   Our bodies as women are designed so perfectly to usher the baby in growth and to the world through the birth process.  However anyone who has seen or birthed a child can remark about how traumatic the birth process can be, not only for mom but for the baby as well.   This trauma is occurring because the baby is forced from the innate fetal position into extension and tractioned through the birth canal. Often times this will lead to some form of intervention, interventions can include but are not limited to induction, c-section, vacuum extraction, forceps, and even a doctor or midwife assisting the baby to be delivered.


When invasive interventions are used,  it most commonly causes a misalignment at the top of the top and bottom of the spine, but can also affect the midback.  The spinal misalignment causes an interruption in the nervous system.  Interruptions of the nervous system directly affects every system of the baby’s body.  

Nervous system interruption can be the primary cause of many common infant symptoms.  Some of the most common symptoms we see in our office are difficultly or painful nursing, reflux, torticollis, colic, constipation, sleep issues, ear infections and much more.  

My own son suffers from difficulty nursing and reflux if he is not alignment.  After he is gently adjusted he is happier, content, able to nurse with ease and does not have reflux.  


As the your child ages the symptoms may change or alter.  We have a 6 year girl who had reflux, but as she became older her mother would find her constantly looking up at the ceiling and spinning.  She also suffers from severe constipation when she is out of alignment.  When she is in alignment she does not spin, and within moments of her alignment she must use the restroom.  This girl’s birth was very long and difficult, but her symptoms were not notable until she was a little older in age.


When these interruptions aren’t corrected early on it can magnify into behaviour issues, ADD, ADHD and even Autism in childhood.   Parents in our office will commonly remark they notice a significant difference when their child’s spine is in alignment and when it is out of alignment.   They remark their child is better able to concentrate or have fewer outburst.  


How do you know when your child’s symptoms are the result of a spinal misalignment interfering with the nervous system?


I recommend finding a specifically trained pediatric chiropractor to help determine whether the symptoms your child is experiencing is from a misalignment of the spine.  The National Wellness Foundation is a great resource to find well trained doctors.  
We know a mother’s body goes through so many changes physically and emotionally to accommodate for the growing baby.   While pregnant I personally felt the benefits of having my spine checked as well as recovery after.  As a parent I want the very best for my child, but I also understand that children aren’t always able to express in words the physical and emotional trauma they go through in the birth process.  Thankfully, pediatric chiropractors are there to bridge the communication gap.  

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